About Us

Academic success for young people is a part of the student leadership training offered by the I'm A Star Foundation based in Jacksonville, Florida. Our foundation provides the training that helps today's young people learn to become leaders in their schools and in their communities.


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I’M A STAR empowers youths to realize their potential, graduate high school and become productive citizens .
I’M A STAR offers a unique approach that meets youths and their caregivers at their current level and infuses programs, resources and technical assistance that will take them to higher levels of productivity and personal excellence.

The “I’M A STAR” Foundation exists to ‘fixate’ our nation on the need to collectively focus on the well-being of youths in the areas of education, family and social environment, economic circumstances, health care, physical environment and behavior.

The Foundation

The I’m A Star Foundation is a 501c3 corporation that serves as a leadership and service learning bootcamp for students, grades 6-12.  The students are taught that the ‘essence of leadership is service to mankind’.  

The students’ focus for the current school year:  providing services and resources to homeless students enrolled in Duval County Public Schools and providing programs and opportunities to help make Jacksonville one of the nation’s healthiest communities.
Student Leadership

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foundation's student motivational training and student empowerment programs.