Leadership And Service Learning Boot Camp

I’M A STAR Projects

Jacksonville HELPS (Homeless Student Project)
Students developed and implemented an initiative to raise awareness and provide resources and assistance to homeless students.  Students’ efforts raised $35,000 in scholarships and funds.  Presented $15,500 in scholarships and $20,000 cash to the Homeless Education Office of Duval County Public Schools. In 2015 student leaders in the I’m A Star Foundation donated $37,000 to Duval County Public School’s Homeless Education Department.  Additionally, the students awarded 10 scholarships to homeless students.

Let’s Move Jacksonville
Students provided leadership and created a city-wide initiative that has empowered more than 2,000 participants to eat healthy, get physically active and live strong.  Students also designed curriculum and facilitated empowerment workshops for elementary-high school students; parents and senior citizens.
Student Representation
Students were requested by the Senate Education Committee to share how I’m A Star has transformed the lives of African American Males who were overage for grade or who had excessive referrals and/or suspensions Students were selected by the Duval County Health Department to serve as student representatives at the 2013 Southern Obesity Summit (Nashville, Tennessee)

I’m A Star Foundation was the only organization requested to send a student representative to attend and share input at the Clinton Foundation’s Health summit (December 2013)

I’m A Star student served as the only student panelist for the First Coast News Anti-Bullying initiative.

Addressing Food Deserts
I’m A Star students created two Healthy Corner Stores in northwest Jacksonville.  Students collaborated with the Duval County Health Department and worked with store owners to sell fresh fruits and vegetables.

Leadership and Service Learning Bootcamp Cohorts:
Presentations to Duval County School Board, Jacksonville City Council and the Duval County Health Department offering solutions for outcomes that negatively impact student achievement and hampers community growth:
• Bullying (Student’s bullying information used by Duval County Public Schools)
• Homeless students
• School Violence
• Teenage Suicide
• Suicide Prevention for students
• Childhood Obesity
• Teen Dating Violence
• Body Image
• Divorce
• Loss of a parent
• Military Deployment
• Finance/Unemployment
• Healthy Lifestyles (Exercise and Healthy Eating)
• Youth Leadership Advisors for the Duval County Health Department charged with developing programs/solutions to impact healthy
   outcomes for Jacksonville’s citizens (with special emphasis on Health Zone 1)
• Community Gardens
• Duval County Public Schools presented students’ solutions to Center for Disease Control (CDC) as example of teen led solutions to the CDC’s
   Youth Risk Behavior Survey The Process


The I’m A Star Foundation exists solely to help students realize their God given potential and transition into world-changing adults who can successfully compete globally.  Our process focuses on:
• Equipping and challenging students to think critically and analytically;
• Empowering students to go the extra mile; and
• Creating opportunities for students to ‘serve’ in order to help them transition into servant leaders

In September of each year a new cohort of students are provided experiences that will help them to work as a team unit to develop projects that will contribute to the betterment of their schools and community.  Students are then provided opportunities to develop and/or hone their communications and presentation skills by making presentations to community groups.